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Some foreigners that wish to travel to Brazil will require a visa which is usually processed within 2 working days by applying to the nearest Brazilian Embassy or Consulate.  The traveler must pay attention to existing Visa according to their travel purposes: Transit travel Visa , Tourism Visa , Temporary Visa , Permanent Visa , Courtesy Visa , Official Visa and Diplomatic Visa.

Any Visa is individual and its concession can be extended to legal dependents, as long as these are in compliance with the requirements by law that define the legal status of foreigners in Brazil.

One must have a valid passport at all times and a clearance is given as well as a valid stay in the country for foreigners from any of the countries that are exempt from a Visa to Brazil.

  • Tourist Visa usually requires a round-trip airline ticket; means of subsistence; an address in Brazil; among others. However, visitors on this type of Visa cannot work or provide any technical assistance nor receive compensation for their services in Brazil. The holder of a Tourist Visa may not stay longer than 90 days.

The foreigner which has entered Brazil in the condition of  Tourist, Temporary visitor, Asylum seeker, or as holder of a Courtesy, Official or Diplomatic Visa, may be granted an extension of stay in Brazil.

  • Temporary Visa is granted to foreign workers with a contract of employment with a  legal entity established in Brazil that wants to hire the foreign worker, the visa is issued to foreigners on a cultural trip; for study purposes; on business; as an artist or athlete; as a student; as a scientist, teacher, technician or professional; as a correspondent for a foreign newspaper/magazine/television/news agency; a religious practitioner or as a member of a consecrated life institute, congregation or religious order.  Allows the foreigner to stay for 2  years, and is extendable for the same period.

Temporary Visas for foreign artists or athletes  -  granted to foreigners that comes to  participate in specific events, and that are not employed by a person or entity based in Brazil. This Visa allows a stay for a period of 90 days and is extendable (maximum 2 yrs). Its Applicant must be a legal entity established in Brazil.

Foreigners that are linked to an economic group which headquarters are located in Brazil can request a Temporary Visa for a period up to 2 yrs, renewable only once, and blocking the transformation in a Permanent Visa.
Temporary Visa holder in the condition of a religious practitioner may not stay longer than 1 year.

  • Permanent Visa – is for foreigners that wish to live and work indefinitely in Brazil, certain requirements must be met before one can acquire the right to stay in Brazil for an indefinite period.

Businessmen that want to invest in Brazil can apply for a Permanent Visa investing own resources from external sources, equivalent to at least R$ 150,000.00 (one hundred and fifty thousand reais) in productive activities creating jobs and income in Brazil. The application for this Visa must be addressed to the General Coordination of Immigration of the Ministry of Labor.

Administrators, managers, directors or executives with management powers abroad can apply for a Permanent Visa in order to be able to exercise the function that was assigned to them in Brazil. The granting of a Permanent Visa may be conditioned by a period not exceeding 5 yrs; by a specific activity; and by a fixation on specific regions in Brazil.

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Brazil is becoming a top player in the oil business and as a result, demand for oil field services,  equipments  has surged and foreign suppliers are setting up offices, laboratories and manufacturing facilities. I can assist you with car service if you need to make a trip to Macaé, one of the primary oil cities in Brazil, or in the surround areas.

Helicopter's service

Helicopter transfers to any region in Rio de  Janeiro provided with experienced pilots.

Professional Body Guard & Secretary

Professionals body guard service (security and defense) and secretary escort service for international meetings or congress.

Specials cars for executive

Car service including specials vehicles such as buses, vans or diplomatic services.

Entrance fee not included on this rate. Only transportation and accredit tour guide assistance is included. .


1 to 2 people TOTAL
3 people TOTAL
4 people TOTAL
5 people TOTAL
6 people TOTAL
R$ 350,00
R$ 500,00
R$ 600,00
R$ 700,00
R$ 800,00
U$ 210.00
U$ 300.00
U$ 360.00
U$ 430.00
U$ 490.00


1 to 2 people TOTAL
3 people TOTAL
4 people TOTAL
5 people TOTAL
6 people TOTAL
R$   500,00
R$   600,00
R$   800,00
R$ 1.000,00
R$ 1.100,00
U$ 300.00
U$ 360.00
U$ 490.00
U$ 600.00
U$ 670.00

Payment in cash, can be paid either in local or U$ currency .